Generation One Roadshow.

GenerationOne is the national movement to end Indigenous disparity in one generation.

With an issue this important it was vital after the launch of the movement that GenerationOne engaged deeply with all Australians, in particular Indigenous communities, across the country.

Red Bean Republic worked with GenerationOne to plan and produce a national Roadshow to shine a bright light on inspiring Indigenous success stories and reinforce the message that GenerationOne is a truly national movement.

A GenerationOne branded bus toured the country making over 40 stops in Australian cities as well as rural and remote communities. An advanced communications team sent information and invitations to Indigenous and community stakeholders as well as politicians to raise awareness of events. At every stop on the Roadshow the team held activations with branded pop-up tents and spokespeople interacted with local people and media on the issues surrounding Indigenous disparity. GenerationOne staff on the ground encouraged people to sign up to the movement. Red Bean Republic’s roving camera crew captured images and video footage that was published on social media and the GenerationOne website as the Roadshow unfolded.

The GenerationOne Roadshow gathered invaluable insights, opinions, facts and inspiring stories including

over 150 video interviews

thousands of new supporter sign-ups

significant local and national media coverage

  • GenerationOne
  • September 2011
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