Stop the nation! media roadblock.

The Generation One ‘Surge’ campaign was designed to build on the success of Generation One’s launch with a massive drive to build awareness and attract new supporters to the movement. The campaign was designed to capture the hearts and minds of Australians everywhere.

The campaign grabbed the attention of the nation with an Australian first Рa cross-media roadblock followed by a wave of multi touch-point engagements. On the 24th of October 2010 at 7pm a 2 minute address to the nation by 13 year old Maddie ran on ALL TV stations, Qantas in-flight channel, cinemas across the country and simultaneously on the most visited websites in Australia. A series of tightly integrated activation events followed the media roadblock and breakfast TV ran features on the movement.

A national schools competition launched asking Australia’s school children to film their very own address to the nation. Staff and supporters manned the busiest train stations in capital cities. Google, youtube, Facebook, Twitter, widgets and digital ads fired up the online audience.

In an unprecedented move Australian media networks united to ensure that more than 6 million Australians had the chance to hear the address to the nation on the future of Indigenous Australians, the first time in Australian history that ALL media outlets united and provided free uninterrupted coverage of an address to the nation by a non-politician.

Within 24hrs of the announcement
The website received over 2 million hits
The campaign received prime time coverage in ALL main media to the value of AUD$4million in free airtime
GenerationOne was discussed in Australian Parliament in both the House of Representatives and the Senate

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  • October 2011
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