Recognising the first Australians.

Much has changed since the Australian constitution was written in 1901. Many Australian’s would be surprised to know that the constitution still includes the possibility for discrimination based on race and ignores Australia’s first peoples and their role as custodians of the world’s oldest continuing culture.

The Australian people have the power to update the constitution through a referendum so it better reflects our shared values. In light of this the Australian Government appointed a panel of experts to consult with the people and lead a nationwide discussion on the issue. This is a historic nation building initiative and as such it’s vital that all Australians have the opportunity to have their say.

Red Bean Republic were tasked with ensuring this conversation was accessible, inclusive, interactive and transparent.

Taking into account the campaign needs and constraints and independent research, Red Bean Republic created the You Me Unity brand identity and all it’s associated assets. This included a best practise online and mobile website with tightly integrated social media. Ongoing content production and moderation kept the audience engaged with social media and search marketing driving awareness and supporter numbers.


A digital audience of 216,450 people, spending an average of 4 minutes on the site.

12,525 DIY kits were downloaded

5,000 survey questionnaires were answered and submitted

24,700 youtube views

80, 635 Facebook fans

Over 3,590 formal submissions were received which made You Me Unity among the most successful calls for submissions ever for a campaign of this kind.

*at October 2012

  • January 2011

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