Social Media Moderation Service

Social Media Moderation

We switch on when you switch off

Red Bean social media moderation service (‘SocialSitter’) is a simple, smart and essential service to moderate your online communities and protect your brand when you are off the clock. Real people, in Australia, read every comment and moderate based on your own policy.

How it works

  • Someone posts on your page
    after hours
    • Daytime monitoring of content on your social media pages in accordance with your social media policy and brand guidelines.
    • When you’re off the clock, SocialSitter monitors the content for you. Typically from 5pm – 10pm weeknights and 8am – 10pm weekends and public holidays.
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  • We monitor and action
    • While you are living your life, travelling, sleeping or just too busy with other things to be monitoring your social media pages.
    • Real people, in Australia read every comment and categorise. High risk content is hidden from view. Other content is categorised as OK and no action is taken.
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  • and report back to you
    & reporting
    • You rest easy knowing someone is watching over your virtual babies when you can’t and your brand is protected.
    • At the end of every shift we send you a report of all content moderated and any other activity on your pages ready for you to action when you are back online.
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But I was wondering…

What if i need Red Bean SocialSitter during office hours

That’s no problem, typically, social media owners only require our service while they are offline, but we we also know that some businesses just don’t have the manpower even during office hours to monitor their pages. We can also arrange a Red Bean SocialSitter plan to cover times during office hours.

What happens in an emergency

Red Bean SocialSitter is not intended to be an emergency community management service. If you need advice or help on community management help or how you should respond in a crisis you can contact us about assisting you with developing your social media policy and action plan.

Does this manage my online community

Red Bean SocialSitter is not a community management service. We don’t respond to questions, ReTweet or Like things, or otherwise engage with your community on your behalf. But if  you are looking for help with community management get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Who reviews the content

We have a small team of real people who are in Australia and are trained to monitor social media pages based on your own policy. Red Bean Republic’s communications manager oversees our team of moderators.

What if I need SocialSitter after 10pm on weeknights

We can work with you to establish a plan for the times and frequency with which your pages are monitored.

How often does SocialSitter check my pages

Our standard service responds to posts on your pages within 60 minutes during our shift times, however feel free to get in touch to arrange a premium service with increased frequency and a response time of less than 30 minutes.

What happens on a public holiday

We treat all Australian public holidays as a weekend day and our standard service moderates your pages between the hours of 8am and 10pm.

The stress levels in our office has reduced 10 fold since we started using Red Bean SocialSitter, our comms staff feel like they are back in control and have their lives back, while our brand and campaign that we are all so passionate about here is in safe hands while we get on with other things